6 Ways to Connect With a Deceased Loved One

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#3 Write Letters to the Deceased Person you Miss

One effective way to keep in touch with a deceased loved one and work through your grief is to write letters to them. You can do this in a journal, on a computer, or in written correspondence. You can tailor this activity in a number of ways to meet your needs and preferences. You could decide to write letters every week, every month, every year, or in any other way that suits you.

AfterTalk, an online platform that offers interactive writing tools for people to privately communicate with loved ones who have passed away, is one tool that can help make this process even simpler. You can decide whether to keep or throw away your letters after you’ve written them.

If you decide against it, you can still do it in a creative way by, for example, tearing them up and using them in a collage, painting over them in an art journal, or doing whatever else you would like.


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