6 Ways to Connect With a Deceased Loved One

loved one
Photo by pixelheadphoto digitalskillet from shutterstock.com

#1 Try to Imagine What Advice They Would Give You

It might be difficult to make important decisions, especially if you have lost the person who would have helped you the most during these moments. However, it can be a useful method to deal with this loss and make difficult decisions to imagine a conversation with your loved one and take into account any advice they would have offered.

Close your eyes for a few minutes, and imagine having a chat with your loved one as one method of doing this. Try to visualize their appearance, voice, and reaction to your circumstance. Imagine the counsel and insightful words they would have shared with you. Even when your loved one is no longer around physically, you may still sense their presence through this.

Another approach to doing this is to write in a journal or notebook what you think your loved one might say. It might be a letter, a list of suggestions, or just a few brief notes. When faced with a difficult choice, reading it over might make you feel closer to them and give you new insight into how to get over this difficult situation.


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