7 Ways to Turn a Morning Frown Upside Down

Image By sutadimages From Shutterstock

#3 Keep a list if it helps

We occasionally forget how we planned our mornings. Other times, it may just be a question of how you can plan more efficiently. Some people like to keep a list of their routines (especially if they’re just starting out and they stress about missing a step). They also add a step to their bedtime routine and prepare themselves for the next morning this way.

And this doesn’t have to stop at morning steps! You can plan your day out by writing down what you have to do, and once you are ready to start the day, you can just give it a quick read to remember the tasks at hand.

It may seem strange at first, but it would be a good way to not only make sure you don’t forget any appointments but also to get your whole routine started and organized.


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