6 (Toxic) Traits of a Pathological Liar

Photo by Dmitry Demidovich from shutterstock.com

2. They only have dramatic stories

The previous sign was more related to ways they could make themselves seem innocent and put the blame on other people.

But this one, on the other hand, is a way of making themselves seem interesting to be around and funny like they have their lives put together and everything’s working in their favor.

It might seem like a behavior that kids typically adopt when they lie to their friends about how many toys they have at home, just so they seem cool.

So if you notice a person saying all sorts of things that don’t seem true, it might be a sign that they’re indeed false. It might be hard to tell for sure if they lie or not because a pathological liar might be so caught up in their stories that they actually think that what they say is true.


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