8 Things You Should NEVER Do With Narcissists

Photo by Anutr Yossundara From Shutterstock

3. Don’t minimize their inappropriate behavior

Does the term “energy vampire” sound familiar to you? If so, this is how most narcissists can be. People who spend a lot of time with narcissists may get numb to their presence and fail to understand how dangerous their behavior can be.

Based on this, a lot of studies have shown that the narcissist’s partner is so “high” and tired because of them that they don’t realize it, and furthermore, they think this is something normal. To be clear, it is harmful and improper to deceive, manipulate, or degrade people. Ignoring immature or offensive behavior from narcissists is sometimes preferable, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t recognize how dysfunctional it is, if only to yourself.

However, you must keep in mind that people who have this kind of behavior won’t change at all, which leads us to the second point of the article. Click on the next page!


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