8 Things You Should NEVER Do With Narcissists

Photo by bbernard From Shutterstock

2. Don’t overshare!

This one is tough because a narcissist naturally overshares. And because they do that, it will make you feel safe doing the same. However, their life stories are usually touching and neat, and they give the impression that they have empathy for everyone who is or was in danger. But this is just another mind game because a person with narcissistic behavior can’t feel sorry for another fellow human, no matter how close they are. Believe it or not, but this is their wicked way of creating a bond between you and them and making you trust them no matter what.

During the past few years, almost everybody had an intense craving for attention, and most of us wanted to be listened to. Well, narcissists are very good listeners, but that doesn’t mean they’re trying to help you in any way.

Their intentions are far from honest because they’re collecting valuable information about you so they can assess your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Later on, maybe during an argument or in a casual discussion, they will use all this oversharing against you.


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