6 Things That Say More About You Than You Think

Photo by MagicMore from shutterstock.com

#4 Are you aggressive?

A Canadian study showed that after examining a picture of a man’s face for only 39 milliseconds, women could, on average, precisely judge how violent he was.

The males in the images were given the choice to take points from other players in a computer game as a way for the researchers to measure their level of aggression.

The scientists also discovered a link between men’s bigger facial width-to-height ratios and observed levels of aggression. They suggested that this association may be due to the fact that furious faces require lowering the brow and lifting the upper lip, which raises this ratio.

So keep in mind that your body language says a lot about your tendency to become aggressive. 

When a person grinds their teeth and thrusts their jaw at you, this is a clear sign of aggression. Naturally, when we are angry, we clench our teeth. Sometimes this is done to restrain an emotional outburst, and other times just out of sheer frustration. In addition, this is also a sign of dominance. Someone is violating your space when they protrude their chin toward you. It’s a way to say nonverbally, “Back up!”


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