6 Things That Say More About You Than You Think

Photo by Morakot Kawinchan from shutterstock.com

#2 Your walking style says more than you think

Your personality type may be revealed by the way you walk. Are you a quick walker? Slow walker? Do you take long strides? According to studies, our walking habits, including stride and speed, can reveal a lot of significant personality traits.

If you have a rapid walking style, that indicates you are an outgoing and very hardworking person. Openness to new experiences, extroversion, and humbleness are more common traits in people with a fast walking style.

It has been observed that quick walkers are risk-takers and go-getters. They will be more willing than usual to act independently. They are passionate about leading hassle-free lives. This walking pattern is associated with sudden energy bursts and extreme focus on details.

A slower pace suggests that you are a careful person. Also, shorter, slower strides typically indicate that you are an introvert. These people are characterized by a strong sense of autonomy and self-centeredness. They are more likely to be preoccupied with themselves or their hobbies. Moreover, if they find themselves in a crowded space, they will often fade into the background or leave the spotlight.

If you walk with dragging feet, this indicates that you are an extremely worried and anxious person. Those who walk in this manner are typically depressed or grumpy. They lack excitement and enthusiasm for life or routine tasks. Also, these persons are generally observed to be hesitant, and they experience difficulty accomplishing basic activities.


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