7 Things That Bring Good Luck and Prosperity into Your Home

good luck
Photo by ninelutsk from Envato Elements

5. Burn sage

Since the beginning of time, sage has merely been used to keep away bad energy and protect your home from unwanted spirits. Compared to the previous items, the quality of burning sage has been recognized by scientists as well, who said that the simple act of burning this plant can reduce the bacteria in your room by up to 90%.

To fully benefit from its properties, you must fill every single corner of your house with smoke, and while you do this, try to say out loud your dreams and hopes for the next period. Besides being super therapeutic, this is supposed to help you release all the negative energy from your body and replace it with good vibes, positivity, and energy.

In my case, burning sage helps me calm my nerves after a huge fight or after a long and busy day. You should try it out too!


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