7 Things That Bring Good Luck and Prosperity into Your Home

good luck
Photo by Lelia_Milaya from Envato Elements

3. Elephants (ceramic or wooden figurines)

The elephant is a universal emblem of knowledge, power, and devotion. Additionally, it is a sign of luck if the elephant’s trunk is pointed upward.

Purchase one or two figurines and set them close to the front door for further security for your family and home. If you don’t want to go with it, you can also add an elephant-themed pillow to the decor of the rooms.

4. Acorns

Have you had a bad morning and felt like the entire day was going to be a mishap? Well, you’re not alone, but whenever you feel like this next time, try to scatter some acorns around the house to scare away bad spirits. And every time you have a couple on hand, because you never know when a restless and playful spirit decides to visit you again!


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