8 Things Narcissistic Mothers Say

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7. You are embarrassing me –  excessive criticizing

Narcissistic mothers make comments meant to diminish your accomplishments. Controlling every element of her children’s lives is the one thing a narcissistic mother desires most. She can accomplish this by verbally abusing them for everything.

Even if your schoolwork is excellent or you made an effort to follow her instructions, none of this matters if she considers herself better than her children.

8. Stop complaining, other kids are going through worse! -shaming her children’s emotions

Narcissists are usually verbally aggressive when they get angry, and they don’t care about the person who is standing in front of them. And this “activates” when the other person tries to criticize them. One thing that narcissistic individuals can’t stand is other people’s emotions, and they will do whatever it takes to disapprove of and diminish them.

Additionally, they use comments like “Get over yourself and quit whining!” and “That wasn’t a big deal anyhow” to shame their kids into not expressing any emotions at all.

Bottom line

Believe it or not, a toxic relationship between a mother and a child can be very damaging for the child’s mental health and overall growth. And they can carry this emotional abuse throughout their entire adulthood.

However, it is possible to get over the past trauma with the help of a therapist who can work with you in order to find the root of the issue. There is hope for healing, for sure!

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