8 Things Narcissistic Mothers Say

photo by Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley from Shutterstock

5. If you loved me, you would have done that for me – her needs come first

In most circumstances, adults must prioritize pressing matters of the real world. For example, a late shift may be unavoidable or an afternoon’s worth of housework may be required.

Yet, narcissistic mothers demand that their kids make concessions in order for them to get or do anything they desire. If a mother likes shopping, for instance, their kids must go shopping every weekend. The mother won’t ever miss an important event like a graduation ceremony if she has a crucial tennis match with her friends.

6. I did so much for you why do you ignore me? – lack of boundaries

Another common trait for a narcissistic mother is that she can be very nosy, and most of the time she won’t care about the boundaries. When they don’t feel like communicating or asking how the children’s day at school was, she won’t even bother to say hi. But when she wants attention and validation, she will immediately ask the children to stop doing whatever they are doing in that moment to start pleasing herself.

In most cases, a narcissistic mother will also make negative comments about her children, making them feel weird and sad, in order to make herself feel better.


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