8 Things Narcissistic Mothers Say

Photo by Nick Fedirko from Shutterstock

3. You have an awful personality and can never do anything right.-gaslighting

Gaslighting is one of the main forms of abusive behavior adopted by most narcissists. But as children, we can’t really figure out what’s good or bad on our own. And for sure, we don’t expect our mother to do something to hurt us.

Mothers who often tell their youngsters that they are too whiny, too sensitive, or too annoying are gaslighting them in the worst possible way. These kids will grow up with insecurities, anxiety, and low self-esteem.

4. You will be happier when I am gone – emotional blackmail

As kids, we would prefer to play or watch cartoons instead of helping our parents with chores around the house. And a narcissistic mother will never leave the children alone, and she is going to try to blackmail them with stuff like “other children are grateful for their mothers, and they help them, but you don’t love me; that’s why you don’t take out the trash!”

This is a guilt trip that usually narcissistic parents do to their children that could have serious repercussions in their adult lives.


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