10 Things BAD Mothers-in-Law Have in Common

Photo by Iakobchuk from Envato

#4 They Don’t Always Discipline Their Grandkids

Every grandmother has the right to indulge their grandkids and keep their time together focused on having a good time rather than enforcing rules or punishing them, but when the parent’s wishes aren’t respected and are instead overlooked, it becomes an issue. Even more for the woman, who probably already has a tense relationship with her mother-in-law due to a different set of boundary concerns.

It becomes a problem, for example, if the mother chooses to remove a special treat or toy as a form of discipline and the mother-in-law laughs it off and says it won’t hurt to return the toy or treat. 

No, it is not worthwhile to fight with the mother-in-law over every minor matter; nonetheless, there are parents who are doing that.


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