These Are the 9 Angriest Zodiac Signs (Astrologers Say)

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7. Capricorn 

Those born under the sign of Capricorn are often frustrated by others’ resistance to their efforts to do things the correct way. They are very determined in their work and get easily upset and angry if someone tells them they don’t do things well.

They feel this strongly if they are offended, even if they don’t express it. They’re typically calm and friendly and don’t get mad unless they feel like someone has done them an injustice.

However, when someone says or does really bad things to them, Capricorns won’t hold back and will say everything they think.

However, they’re most likely rational, with well-formed concepts rather than emotional biases guiding their life decisions. But if someone is pushing them, they should be prepared for rounds of yelling and yelling and yelling.



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