These Are the 9 Angriest Zodiac Signs (Astrologers Say)

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4. TaurusĀ 

Those born under this zodiac sign, according to horoscopes, are prone to outbursts of rage and they need to learn how to control their impulses. When a Taurus is close to someone, they’re loyal, funny, and natural, but things can quickly change if that person gets on their nerves.

But when they know you did something they don’t like, they have 2 options: they shut up completely and pretend nothing happened, and after that, they stop reaching out and start acting busy.

The 2nd possible reaction is that Taureans lose all self-control when they’re upset about anything. Not only that, but settling them down becomes an uphill battle that people around them are more likely to lose.

Besides that, they might make choices they immediately regret and they’ll look for different ways to make things better. Sometimes, these people, whether right or wrong, refuse to accept responsibility for their actions.



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