These Are the 9 Angriest Zodiac Signs (Astrologers Say)

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9. Libra 

Even though Libras generally have a calm temper, when they see injustice, they’re more likely to get angry. Their morals are very important to them, and they won’t let anyone do anything wrong.

They don’t care if they’re perceived as mean, because they know exactly why they behave this way. When they notice something they don’t like, they’re not afraid to speak up their minds.

They hold themselves to a very high standard, because they work hard for everything they have, and will risk everything to maintain it.

In their constant journey to finding peace and harmony, Libras often restrain their anger and prefer to talk nicely when there’s something wrong going on.

If they’re being pushed, they might discover methods to counter those attempts until their enemies no longer care about them.

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