These 8 Fun Activities Will Bring You Closer to Your Grandkids

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#1 Reading books

Reading and sharing stories with others has a lot of advantages and benefits for both young people and seniors. Reading to kids is the single most crucial activity for nurturing their success and enjoyment of reading, and for adults, sharing a book with children is a fantastic opportunity to connect and make memories.

Sharing a book with a grandparent will build important life skills in kids, such as social and communication skills. It encourages curiosity and creativity while also boosting their language development and feeling of cultural awareness. Children who are taught to examine books, listen to stories, discuss, reflect, and ask questions are preparing themselves not only to become readers but also to deal with some of the demands and challenges of life.

Reading to your grandchildren gives you the chance to support their growth, which results in a sense of fulfillment as well as a sense of being needed and loved.


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