The Most Close-Minded Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Photo by fizkes from Shutterstock

4. Capricorn

Someone who’s born with the Capricorn sign won’t be easily distracted in their pursuit of success. As coach and astrologer Linda Berry says, Capricorn people are well organized, and they build solid foundations on their own. This often translates as an unwillingness to try new ideas.

She also pointed out that Capricorns are strategic brains who play their cards close to their chest, ensuring no one knows their strategies—they play to win. Because they have a strict way of thinking and value tradition, they often struggle to accept other ideas and find it hard to change their perspectives.

Whether you’re in a business or personal relationship with them, you’ll likely never get full access to their real thoughts, feelings, and motives. And once a Capricorn has their eyes on their prize, chances are they won’t consider your opinion on the matter.


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