The Most Close-Minded Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Photo by wavebreakmedia from Shutterstock

6. Pisces

Chances are, you won’t really find a Pisces that doesn’t show stubbornness. This characteristic usually comes from a place of stubbornness, which is very common in Pisces.

According to Briana Saussy, an astrologer at Sacred Arts for Soulful Seekers, the fish of the zodiac may seem easy to work with and a chill person, but underneath those shimmery scales is a spine of steel.

They are fearless in defending what they believe is right. In fact, they may seem more narrow-minded than they actually are because of their penchant to play devil’s advocate. As Saussy told us, Pisces people will fight windmills just to prove a point. It may be challenging to decipher when they’re being closed-minded and when they’re just testing you.


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