8 Telltale Indications Your Soul Has Returned Several Times

Déjà vu
Photo by jbcoleto from shutterstock.com

6. Déjà vu

What’s happening? This seems to have happened before. Where you are, what you’re doing, what you wear, and what you’re saying to other people are all things you feel that you did in the past too.

The term “Deja Vu,” which if the French version of “previously seen,” is the one that describes this experience.

Every single one of us has had a case of déjà vu at some point in our lives. It’s the weird sensation that we’ve had this or that event or lived a specific thing before. It’s believed that there are common sensory cues that might bring on a sudden case of déjà vu, such as aromas, sounds, sights, and tastes.

Even though some people attribute this to a dissonance in the brain, others see it as proof of other dimensions (i.e., parallel worlds), and others think it provides some insight knowledge into previous lives. What are your thoughts on this one?


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