8 Telltale Indications Your Soul Has Returned Several Times

Photo by NDAB Creativity from shutterstock.com

4. You have phobias you can’t explain

This might sound like it’s made up, but psychospiritual experts say it is true. It’s believed that different incarnations in the past are frequently thought to leave “residues” in our developmental years and life as an adult.

Many people think that we might feel the memories and the echoes of previous tragedies in our own lives in the form of weird anxieties and phobias. For example, being terrified of the water, certain animals, places, numbers, colors, even items, and other things might all serve as examples.

If you’ve experienced phobias and fears you have no explanation for, it might be due to the fact that this isn’t your 1st time on Earth and you have to discover more about your past lives.


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