8 Telltale Indications Your Soul Has Returned Several Times

Photo by sezer66 from shutterstock.com

We also see a universal law at work in our lives and the world around us: experts say that it is the constant need for adaptation. All forms of life go through a growing process, but the timing and speed of this change is different for each one.

Because of this, many people find the idea that reincarnation is a way for the soul to grow and become as natural and fundamentally right as any other way to grow and mature in life.

Other people have also said that they had out-of-this-world emotional reactions, memories, and physical sensations, which makes it more likely that such a complicated event really did happen.

In today’s article, we’ll discuss a wide range of signs that you might have had contact with the “other side.” If you’re into mystical stuff, click on the next page to discover all the signs that this isn’t your 1st time in this world.


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