Superstitions: 11 Things You Should NEVER Buy on Saturdays

Photo by Dusan Petkovic from Shutterstock

6. Iron

Another item that you shouldn’t buy on Saturdays are products made of iron because they are supposed to bring you bad luck. Furthermore, if you bring iron to your house during this day, you will also notice a change in your relationships with family members, especially with your spouse.

However, giving iron objects is thought to be more fortunate and will win you the favor of Lord Shani. It also helps you go through all of the challenges and obstacles you face in life. On Saturday, you can consider making an iron donation to help your business and finances.

7. Coal

On this day, it is not permitted to bring charcoal into the house. Charcoal is a dark substance, so it is thought that bringing coal into your home entails bringing Shani in that shape.

It is also a kind of fuel, and as you probably know, fuel should never be carried into the house since it causes conflict.


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