Superstitions: 11 Things You Should NEVER Buy on Saturdays

Photo by Andrii Medvednikov from Shutterstock
  1. Black Shoes

Everybody loves black shoes! They are elegant, classic, and fit every outfit. Plus, you can wear them everywhere: at the office, on Sundays at church, or at a wedding. But one thing you must remember: Don’t ever, ever buy or wear black shoes on a Saturday!¬†Additionally, if you wear black leather shoes to work, you risk losing your job and not getting promoted. Failures and disagreements at work can come with black shoes.

According to Hindu mythology, wearing black shoes on Saturdays displeases Lord Shani, which could lead to failure and create obstacles for career advancement. So, the next time you’re going to wear black shoes, try red ones instead. Besides being a fiery color, red also brings good luck!


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