5 Strange Things That Might Happen When a Loved One Dies

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This one could easily be the most unexpected one on this list. How can you feel relief when you lose one of the most important human beings in your life? Well, as we mentioned before, the death of someone we love can trigger a lot of complex emotional reactions, and relief is the most surprising one. We expect to feel fear, sadness, or anger, but relief? Not at all.

Sometimes when the person you lost suffered in their last moments, maybe because of illness, this feeling of relief has a higher chance of being present. After months, or in some cases, years, of struggle, the anxiety and distress are finally gone. This is the end of a painful journey, and to feel finally free is completely normal.

Another reason we may feel relieved when someone close to us dies is if they were abusive and used to harm us in any way, physically or emotionally. If you have been a victim of abuse, it may feel as if you have suddenly found the peace that has always been missing.

This can also lead to feelings of guilt because you might think that you are not a good person if you feel “better” after your loved one dies. But this is not true; it is not like you are happy about this tragic event. Their passing is just a change that can be beneficial for you if you used to be abused by them.

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