5 Strange Things That Might Happen When a Loved One Dies

loved one
Photo by PeopleImages.com – Yuri A from shutterstock.com


This is an excruciating feeling that will catch all of us sooner or later after a person close to us leaves this world. One thing is true, and that is: loss is lonely. And what’s more, it can come from two different directions. First, you can feel lonely because you lost someone you loved, and second, you might experience the loneliness that comes with the loss of interactions.

Probably you used to spend a lot of time together with the person who passed. You felt safe and cherished in their presence. Now that they are gone, a lot of your life and routine are going to change. And you know, we people are not always the best when we have to deal with change.

Also, oftentimes, when we are grieving, we tend to isolate ourselves from others. We go inside our shells and stop many interactions that we would normally have with friends, family, or colleagues.

This is a completely normal reaction to have in order to deal with all of the pain, but it is not healthy in the long run. Many times we need human connection in order to be happy, and we think that after the initial stage of grieving, you should let people reach you and come back into your life.


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