8 Signs Your Wife Is Already Manipulating You

Photo by Phovoir from Shutterstock

7. She victimizes herself every time

This is a pretty obvious sign because you can easily notice when it’s happening. She makes you the despotic villain of her life and acts scared of your reaction.

She’ll show the family and friends how you allegedly make her accountable for all decisions and how much she suffers because of that. She’ll make up lies about how she is being a victim or that you are constantly picking on her. She’ll even exaggerate her illnesses. This strategy, through which she’s pretending to be powerless, is only meant to present herself as a martyr.

Manipulative women are very good at playing the victim card. They often speak of how cruel everyone around them is and how selfless they are. Maybe even suggest how unthankful you have been. Women like this tend to keep track of every single sacrifice made, displaying them as their prized possession.

Additionally, such people usually use emotional outbursts as acting skills to convince others. You’ll see sadness and even tears in her eyes, but in your absence, she’ll be perfectly fine. This manipulative behavior helps her to show she’s the victim, but in fact, you’re the victim here.


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