8 Signs Your Wife Is Already Manipulating You

Photo by wavebreakmedia from Shutterstock

4. She is the decision-maker

If you’re the one who keeps on nodding and saying “yes” to all the big and small decisions made by your wife, that’s a sign you married a manipulative woman. She makes all the plans, whether they’re about money, holidays, or even who’s allowed to come to a dinner party at your house and who’s not.

She decides what dishwasher you should buy or even which car is good for your family. She’s picky about friends, and you find yourself spending more and more time with people she gets along with.

If you feel like you’re getting distant from your old friends because your wife doesn’t like them, she probably has too much power over you. Not only does she make decisions that affect you, but she also decides everything for both of you. She probably asks for your opinions, but she only does that because she knows that you’ll end up doing what she thinks is right.

If you do something for yourself without asking for her opinion on the matter, you’ll never hear the end of how awful it was. For a boy’s night out, you have to ask for her permission well in advance, but when it comes to a girl’s night out, your wife’s the boss of her own life.


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