8 Signs Your Wife Is Already Manipulating You

Photo by oneinchpunch from Shutterstock
  1. She turns every disagreement into your fault

If your wife turns everything into your fault and tends to get away as the innocent one, then you’re probably dealing with a manipulator. That time when you were very busy with work for two days? Well, she miraculously became emotionally unavailable after that.

Did she flirt with a man, and you objected? It’s because you never give her attention or compliment her. Did you say something, and the whole thing turned into a huge argument? She’ll turn the tables on you by highlighting past instances when you did something wrong.

What do all of these have in common? You’re the one that comes out as petty. If you get upset or mad, it’s your fault for having high expectations. Yet if your wife gets mad, it’s your fault for upsetting her. Nothing will ever be her mistake.

This is what psychologists call “gaslighting,” which is a great manipulation strategy.


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