7 Signs a Deceased Loved One Wants to Talk to You

Photo by Prystai from shutterstock.com

4. Your dog is acting weird

Did you know that animals are so sensitive that they can detect the presence of people who are no longer with us?

If you notice that your dear pet looks like they’re watching an invisible insect fly around the room they’re in and they keep moving their heads, or they start growling or whimpering in a particular direction but you don’t see or understand why they do that, or maybe they even act like they’re having fun with someone and start jumping and running in circles, that means that they might be recognizing the presence of a spirit.

Of course, you might say that plenty of animals typically do these sorts of things, but here’s the thing: if you asked the person who isn’t there with you for guidance and then your pet starts behaving in a weird way, that might be the spirit answering your call.


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