7 Signs a Deceased Loved One Wants to Talk to You

Photo by Things from shutterstock.com

3. Dimes

Spiritual mediums say that spirits have the power to make coins appear in unusual and random places as a way to make you pay attention to the things around you.

Moreover, this is typically a method they use to encourage you to see how worthy you are of all the things you want or to let you know that prosperity is coming your way.

However, we all know that coins, especially pennies, are generally found almost everywhere, from the bottom of your bag to the tiny space between your couch and the wall, on the stairs to the subway, or in the bus station, which makes it extra hard to know whether there’s something divine there or a simple coincidence.

Next time you find a coin, pay attention to it. Do you find dimes on a regular basis? How often do you find a nickel and a penny at the same time? Or does the date written on the coin you found have any significance for you? Try answering these questions to see if there’s something special trying to connect with you.


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