9 Signs a Deceased Loved One Is Still With You

Image By Gorodenkoff From Shutterstock

2. You Keep Having Dreams About Them

This is a sign that many try to explain rationally, saying that because you are missing the deceased loved one, your subconscious is trying to show them to you in order to appease that feeling of longing. Others claim that they are not dreams, but rather the spirit of a loved one visiting from beyond the veil.

Some believe that the person is attempting to contact you while you are sleeping because you are more vulnerable to external energies. Others say that if they appear in your dream and it is comforting, it is the deceased person’s way of trying to let you know that they are doing okay.

In some religions, they say that depending on what happens in the dream, the soul of the loved one is either feeling good or bad, and it’s a sign you should do something nice in their name.


  1. Very nice topic! As a suggestion read all books by Allan Kardec, a French philosopher (1800’s) who talks about those experiences with our loved ones who have passed and are now in spirit, living in the spirit realm. “The Spirit’s Book” talks about us as spirits living there. Hope it will be helpful.


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