9 Signs a Deceased Loved One Is Still With You

Image By Africa Studio From Shutterstock

1. Smelling Their Scent

One of the many signs that someone who has passed away is paying you a visit is the fact that you can feel their scent all around you! A lot of us have one or two favorite perfumes or colognes we wear, not to mention some loved ones we may associate with a certain smell they had.

A lot of people report being able to smell their loved ones around them even after they have passed away, even in places where there would be no other source of such a smell. Others claim to have smelled cigarette smoke or even the person’s favorite food if they had this vice.

This is one of the more definite signs that someone is nearby, as the chances of it being a coincidence are sometimes slim.


  1. Very nice topic! As a suggestion read all books by Allan Kardec, a French philosopher (1800’s) who talks about those experiences with our loved ones who have passed and are now in spirit, living in the spirit realm. “The Spirit’s Book” talks about us as spirits living there. Hope it will be helpful.


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