9 Signs a Deceased Loved One Is Still With You

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9. Animals In Nature

There are many beliefs that indicate that a loved one will come back to visit you as an animal or creature. It could be that you suddenly end up seeing a butterfly or a bird that catches your eye, that gets close to you for no reason, or that you feel like there is something familiar about them. It could be the soul of someone close to you coming back to see how you are doing!

Others believe that when animals who are normally afraid of approaching people or coming into contact with humans approach you, it is a sign from one of your recently deceased loved ones!

Be it someone recently deceased that is trying to come in contact with you again or the animals sensing you have a kind heart, enjoy their visit!

While it is hard to accept the passage of time, it is nothing we should shy away from! Read what all these famous people had to say about aging to get some motivation about growing older!


  1. Very nice topic! As a suggestion read all books by Allan Kardec, a French philosopher (1800’s) who talks about those experiences with our loved ones who have passed and are now in spirit, living in the spirit realm. “The Spirit’s Book” talks about us as spirits living there. Hope it will be helpful.


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