8 (Most Poisonous) People You Need to Stay Far Away From

toxic people
Photo by New Africa from shutterstock.com

3. The one who manipulates 

Whether we like saying it or not, those who use friendship as a cover to drain you of your time and energy are manipulators.

Because they act like a buddy, they might be difficult to deal with, especially if you want to say the truth straight to their faces.

What sets them apart is that they use this knowledge to further their own goals at the expense of your own happiness. They don’t care if you’re successful, as long as they are.

When you reflect on your interactions with manipulators, you will notice a pattern of them taking, taking, and taking and giving very little in return. Just so they can take advantage of you, they’ll say or do anything to win you over.

…Be careful with these people, because they can get pretty dangerous! 


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