8 (Most Poisonous) People You Need to Stay Far Away From

toxic people
Photo by Gearstd from shutterstock.com

2. The one who always plays the victim 

You might have a natural inclination to feel sorry for people who aren’t exactly at their best stage in life, which might make those who are toxic profit from it.

This means that you might have trouble seeing them, and you might assume that there’s an explanation for why they treat you the way they do.

But as time goes on, you discover that their “hour of need” is always. Victims aggressively avoid taking any kind of responsibility by elevating every little setback into a hopeless obstacle.

They don’t have time for you because they always need your full attention and help to solve their own problems. They don’t see adversity as a chance to grow and develop, but rather as an escape.

It’s absolutely great to help other people, but when the whole relationship is about the way you help them, that’s not bidirectional. You’re always there for them, but when you need it, they can’t help you because they’re in need too.


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