8 (Most Poisonous) People You Need to Stay Far Away From

toxic people
Photo by Ariya J from shutterstock.com

1. The temperamental one

Certain individuals are completely incapable of managing their feelings, and there’s nothing wrong with that, to be honest.

It takes time to learn to control your emotions and know how to respond to different things.

However, things get out of control when temperamental people become hostile and accuse you of being the source of their problems, even as they act out in contentious ways.

It’s difficult to get toxic people out of your life because you feel awful for them when they lose their cool. Besides that, it might be hard to notice the pattern and accept the fact that they’re not the best for you.

…If there’s someone in your life that turns into a hurricane when they don’t feel good and puts all the blame on you, they might not be right for you. But you can talk to them and tell them how you feel, so they get the chance to make things right and do you justice.


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