6 Hidden Reasons Why You Can’t Remember Your Dreams

Photo by fran_kie from shutterstock.com

But really now, why do we dream?

First things first. Who dreams? Do we all dream, or do we not? Is there a select elite of people who have this ability? To make it clear once and for all, everyone dreams while sleeping, but only a small percentage of them remember it. 

Now, another question would be: when is dreaming occurring? Do we dream all night long, or is there a moment that is more favorable for dreaming? According to sleep experts, people are dreaming during REM sleep. Since sleeping is a cycle, this stage happens more than once during the night. This is the most active stage of the sleeping process, and its name comes from “rapid eye movement.” Faster breathing and bodily movement are also present during this stage.

REM sleep usually starts about 90 minutes after we fall asleep and lasts for 90–120 minutes. Dreams occur during this stage because the brain activity is more intense and resembles that of when we are awake. 

All people dream during their sleep, whether they can remember it or not. It is a natural process of our brains. What is more interesting is that various studies have shown that animals also dream. So, this is not something reserved only for us. The entire animal kingdom is dreaming, and there is a single word to describe that: wonderful!


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