6 Hidden Reasons Why You Can’t Remember Your Dreams

Photo by NeoLeo from shutterstock.com

But in my senior year of high school, during the psychology class, something changed. We had a dream unit, and the teacher said, “Everybody who can recall their dreams, raise your hands!” I was sitting in the first row, and obviously, I raised my hand in a flash. A few seconds passed, and I turned my head around only to find out that in the whole classroom, out of 20 students, there were just another two people with their hands raised besides me.

It was shocking to me. Apparently, this experience was not common for most people. And that made me raise the following question: “Why can I recall my dreams while others can’t?”

In order to find out what the reasons are why we can’t remember our dreams, we need to understand why and how we dream. How is the process of dreaming working? Let’s discover this together!


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