8 Hidden Meanings When You Dream of a Dead Loved One

warning sign
Photo by Muhammad ZA from shutterstock.com

6. Warning sign

There are times when you might be dreaming about a dead relative, and they’re talking to you. It probably sounds a little scary and maybe confusing, but it actually has a meaning.

If someone who’s no longer with you does this thing in your sleep, it might mean that they want to warn you about something that’s going to happen in your life. Whether it’s something good or bad, they want you to be prepared for what’s coming next.

Just like we’ve previously stated, a dead person talking in your sleep might be their way of giving you help and guidance in a problem that keeps bothering you.

Or maybe you feel a bit lonely and exhausted and you need someone you love to give you a kind word, and they’re the one you’d wish to hear.


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