8 Hidden Meanings When You Dream of a Dead Loved One

Photo by encierro from shutterstock.com

2. You might need guidance

Do you remember that story I told you about my friend who dreamed of her grandma when she was feeling down and unmotivated? That might be the exact reason you dream of dead family members: you need guidance.

Maybe these people were always by your side, whether with a good word of encouragement or a hug, and now you’re missing that type of connection.

Even though they can’t be physically with you, they can visit you in your dreams, giving you the wise piece of advice you so desperately need.

If you had a person who you used to consider your rock, it’s absolutely normal that you dream about them, especially when you have to deal with tough situations that sap your energy. Don’t worry, they’re still there with you and will give you their help!


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