8 Hidden Meanings When You Dream of a Dead Loved One

Photo by Maridav from shutterstock.com

1. You need closure

If you dream about someone who’s no longer with you, and maybe you weren’t exactly on good terms when they left this world behind, it might be because you have some unfinished business with them.

Maybe you’re looking for closure, and you want to assure them that you don’t hold any resentment towards them. Another possible interpretation is that there’s something that’s been bothering you for a while, and regardless of how hard you try to solve it, you keep bumping into it.

And the person you keep dreaming of is a part of that or is a symbol of something that you have to figure out. If you feel like you need closure, just imagine you’re talking to them and telling them exactly how you feel, and maybe your next dream will be about moving on.


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