Here Are the 6 Most Egocentric Zodiac Signs (Astrologists Say)

Sagittarius zodiac sign
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4. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a zodiac sign that thinks they’re the best ones ever. They are extremely confident, like to take care of themselves, are very goal-focused, and don’t shy away from telling other people how successful and happy they are.

According to our spiritual healer, Sagittarius people believe they’re the center of the universe. Besides that, they have a “come and go” energy, which might be difficult to handle.

While some people think that those who are born under the rule of Jupiter are self-centered and don’t care about others that much, things aren’t exactly true.

They truly love the people they surround themselves with, but they like to have their independence and constantly discover new things about themselves and the world.

If they’re with someone who doesn’t understand their free nature and the way they like to be free and experiment with different places and situations, they’re more likely to leave them behind and continue on their own.


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