Here Are the 6 Most Egocentric Zodiac Signs (Astrologists Say)

taurus zodiac sign
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1. Taurus

If you have any friends that are under the rule of Venus, you might already know that they can get a bit egocentric from time to time.

If they don’t agree with what you tell them, they might not even listen to your advice (although it’s for their own good). Or they might listen to you and say that they will take it into consideration, but we all know they won’t.

When compared to other zodiac signs, they are the most stubborn, and they can even seem a bit aggressive.

The planet Venus governs all things that are related to love, beauty, and money. A psychic and spiritual healer said that as a result, they could become very materialistic, greedy, and, of course, self-centered.

Don’t get us wrong, Taurus people are kind, but they can be a little possessive and are more likely to act in ways that benefit only themselves.


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