9 Habits That Will Improve Your Life

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#3 Stop complaining so much!

It sounds a bit harsh, but we should be listening to the writers on this one. Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, a French novelist, has said that we can either choose to complain that the rose bush has thorns or to be happy that the thorn bush has roses. The main takeaway here is to not get lost in the race of life and to learn to appreciate what you have.

Practicing gratitude is a great habit that has been known to improve personal positivity, improve your mood and reduce stress, and even have a health benefit for your physical health! We will all deal with a lot of unpleasant things in life, but we can choose not to let those negative feelings or thoughts get to us.

Add a section in your journal for gratitude, and write down what you are thankful for every day or something good that happened. Maybe start volunteering if you can, and tell your loved ones how much you love them! Most importantly, do not go to bed feeling down and instead remind yourself of something you’re grateful for.

Appreciating the little things that life gives you will make you happier!


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