Feng Shui: 11 Home Items That Bring You BAD Luck Right Now

feng shui
Photo by Pomelo from Shutterstock


They say dead plants bring negative energy into your home, so you can be 100% sure that dead animals are an absolute no-no. So the question is: do you really wish to greet your guests with the head of a lifeless deer?

Can you really be 100% sure that those beady eyes won’t be following you? Leaving aside all these superstitions for a moment, I can assure you that other non-superstitious homeowners would think twice before showing off an animal carcass in their own homes, as taxidermy could be seen as a turn-off for many potential home buyers.

On a similar note, you might want to stay away from artwork that shows scenes of destruction, like a shipwreck or even a battle.


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