Feng Shui: 11 Home Items That Bring You BAD Luck Right Now

feng shui
Photo by BOKEH STOCK from Shutterstock

An open umbrella

Have you heard of it before? Precautions against opening umbrellas indoors date all the way back to ancient Egypt.

It seems that during ancient times, bringing an item that was meant to protect you from the weather into your home was seen as extremely disrespectful to all the guardian spirits responsible for watching over your dwelling.

It means that you were suggesting that their work and magic weren’t enough. Fear of provoking the wrath of a jealous spirit manages to educate people against opening umbrellas inside.

Dead or dry plants

That’s my number one rule in the house: NEVER keep the dead plants, even if they’re your favorites. If you want a happy home, filled with positive energy, don’t let the dried-up, lifeless plants remain on display.

It seems that keeping dead things in your home could really mess up your home’s mojo, bringing dead energy. Of course, if your plants have one or two shriveled-up leaves and drooping stems, it probably won’t make your home look more presentable or inviting.


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