Feng Shui: 11 Home Items That Bring You BAD Luck Right Now

feng shui
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Here is some bad news for plant parents: Feng Shui principles teach us that plants with spiky and thorny exteriors are truly magnets for bad vibes.

The prickly surfaces of cacti or any other spiky plants, like agave, could bring tension into your home and your personal relationships.

The only exception is roses. It seems that their thorny stems aren’t enough to taint any positive energy that might come from the elegant blooms.

Unmade beds

My personal guess is that this Feng Shui rule was solely based on the anger of frustrated parents.

However, it seems that this superstition is still going strong, even if it goes against anything related to a busy morning when you have to arrive at a meeting in less than 5 minutes.

They say that unmade beds could doom you to sleepless nights. Whether it is true or not, make sure you stay free of distractions when you smooth the sheets and fluff your pillows, as it will make your dreams sweeter. And we sure need sweet dreams, so we have to listen to Feng Shui!


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