9 Famous Quotes About Aging Every Senior Should Read

Image By Andrea Raffin From Shutterstock

#5 Andie MacDowell

“You know what? I’m not young. And I’m OK with that. … I feel so much more comfortable. It’s like I’ve taken off a mask.”

As people who are not famous and live normal lives, we still feel pressure from the media discourse and even society to appear youthful. to be young. It seems like society has reached a point where people are not only shamed for their age but have also reached a point where they try to conceal it.

But younger doesn’t mean better. It doesn’t mean that you’ve lost your value, and trying to hide it is not the way to go. Andie MacDowell said it very well: she is much more comfortable since accepting the fact that she is older. And we can see how she is thriving!



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